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I - Introverted – it means that I would change myself rather than the world and other people. And I prefer deep relationships with few persons rather than have surface relationships with many people.

N – Intuitive – it is the ability to make decisions without estimations, so I know the solution of the problem, without studying of it.

F – Feeling – it means that I would believe my senses and feelings, rather than sharp and accurate estimate. Accordingly I rely upon my feelings, so it evidences  my inclination to innovative thinking and fantasy.

J – it is ability to make decisions beforehand and tendency to plan activities.

These character traits are applicable to my personality type.

1. My chosen career is equal to the results of the test, and I can say, that I didn’t know about some of my hidden abilities, before passing this test. My type is Protector.

2. Yes, my personality type appears to map well to the profession that I have selected, because all my character traits contribute to the ability to work hard, so I manage to co-exist in harmony with my positive sides, and I try to avoid my weak features during the work. I can say, that my traits of character are complementary to my skills, and personal abilities, and they are useful in the profession that I have chosen.

3. At first I learned, that I have to find work, without collision with big groups of people, my work would be ideal in the small, friendly group, which is aimed on gaining the particular result. My skills would be fully realized in the paper writing, so it is good for me, to be a writer, journalist or an observer. My inner skills would be indispensable in the establishment of the plans for the work, or, for example, construction of the building and so on. One more distinctive feature: I have a natural ability to be the leader. Just leader, not speaking about the post of director. You can be part of the group and in the same time be the leader of the group, without taking the highest posts.

4. My personality type can impact on my understanding of other people. My abilities can help me to resolve the conflict situation, by finding the right compromise. People of my type are endowed with the ability to find compromise from the childhood. But speaking about my negative features, I must underline the lack of skill to speak with wide groups of people and inability to communicate with unknown persons.  It makes the conversation hard for me, but I can handle it due to my nature patience.

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