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Listening to the music is my passion, and I cannot live without it. Whether it is day or night, any time is favorable for me to listen to the music. This falls under a branch of psychology called social psychology. This is the branch of psychology that controls people's relationships with others and their attitudes (Mangal, 1998). Social psychology also deals with people's social lives, their likes and dislikes, how close they keep other people in their lives, group dynamics and interests. Social psychology deals with the factors that make people behave the way they do and conditions that lead to such behaviors or such feelings (McLeod, 2007). Social psychology is a part of the general psychology. Music predilection is mind controlled and is also due to the social background that one is brought up or lives in. A person is born not disliking or liking something, but this develops with time due to the influence of the surrounding.

The nervous system influences preferences in people's lives. For example, in my case, liking music is controlled by what I hear. This information is then relayed from the ears to the brain, and there then, is processed and interpreted. Information is then converted to commands that are relayed through the sensory nerves in the ears. This then controls what kind of music I listen to at that specific moment. Perception is another thing that affects my preference. I have always believed that music helps to distract my mind away from problems. It also helps to calm me down when I am emotional and/or stressed-out (McLeod, 2007). Some music genres contain information that is taken differently by different listeners. The information contained in music will determine how I perceive it.

Likes and dislikes of individuals have different effects on different people. These effects on consciousness can be positive or negative. In my case, listening to the music has a positive effect on my conscious. When listening to the music, my entire mind gets diverted to it. Receiving the information that I get from the music, it comforts me and keeps off from the everyday activities that are tiresome. With time, considering the advantages and disadvantages of listening music, I have found more advantages because I get out of the stresses and relax after the everyday routine. By diverting the entire mind to music, it helps me to reflect on things that make me happy. Music that I listen depends on the moods of that specific moment; sad moments require music that can raise my mood. My preference for the music has also been influenced by the earlier exposure to different things in life. When I was young, I had an encounter with many entertainment forms which include movies, playing games and reading magazines. After gathering information and trying them all, I found out that most I enjoy listening music than the other entertainment forms.

Learning has substantial effects on preferences of different individuals. It alters the way one perceives life, which can change somebody's behavior permanently, or increase the potential of behavioral change. Stress is perceived differently by educated and uneducated individuals (Derek, 2011). Information delivered through the music is also perceived differently by educated and uneducated people. Learning has had a great influence on my preference for music. The way I interpret the music presently differs from the way I used to perceive music when I was a bit younger and with less education. Presently, I listen to the music that contains some meaning. This is different from what I used to listen previously. Also, music I prefer is a modern one, and I always search for something new.

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