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My race and interests are the major factors which determine my social identity. I belong to an Iranian group from a Persian community. It is evident that I belong to more than one community. One of them is my hometown. Besides, the communities I belong to include my religious affiliation, clubs, recreation teams, and youth welfare organisations, among others. These are communities, which I feel that I am part of, and I give/receive some support from them. To this end, self-knowledge is a crucial concept that determines my self-identity. I identify with various social groups, and I have great interest in music.

I hold positive views on social change, because it incorporates both conflict and functional roles in the society. Therefore, it can be argued that social change is a necessary concept, which is crucial for personal development, communities and companies. In this regard, the following illustration has been used to prove my views on social change as a necessary concept.  For example, social change facilitates the study on functional organizational structures, which make employees of a company to behave differently, for instance, there can be increased communication. This is very healthy for the business operations of the company, because more information and knowledge will be shared among departmental employees. Moreover, there will be efficient allocation and use of a company’s resources among its employees, and since there will be more harmonized chain of command, the employee’s morale will be higher. As communication is improved among the employees, there is more knowledge sharing, because the staff members tend to form a strong work relationship and to solve conflicts easily. In this regard, decision making processes are made faster since there is a lot of coordination among the employees.

Under social change, functional requisites lead to incorporating more human resources to facilitate business operations of an organization. For instance, employees of an organization are involved in a decision making processes, and this helps in improving communication among the staff members and management team. Moreover, it helps in outlining functional roles for the staff and the management, and this minimizes conflict among the team members. In summary, functional/structural change management illustrates the interplay of structure and human agency as the causes of change in an organization. Focusing on the above explanations, social change is necessary for organization development.

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