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Francois Marie Abouet De Voltaire in Disneyland: The beauty about the Disneyland is the optimism (brightness) of the various entertainments available at the park for example the magnificence nighttime spectaculars which include fireworks. In Disneyland there is also ample room for quietism for the visitors who wish to relax and mediate about what is going on in their lives. Most people who have not been to Disneyland have a lot of pessimism since most of them do not believe that what they read in the papers and internet about the park is true until they visit the park. It is however important to point out that the novel "Candide" is an 18th century comic novel that is commonly referred to as "Voltaire". The author of the novel has extensively used the Leibniz philosophy to pass across his message in a satirical way. The unique feature about the novel is the author has managed to use the four "-isms", which are optimism, quietism, pessimism and meliorism.

Wu Cheng-En in Disneyland: The author of the ancient novel "Monkey" (Monkey King) greatly borrowed from the Taoist and Buddhist religions during the writing of the novel. The trip down the Disneyland Park was like a fairy tales, the extra ordinary architectural structures are some of the unique feature I will forever remember. The first time I was told that the sun never sets in Disneyland, I took it as a superstition; however visiting the place demystified this; the paradise pier is an amusement joint where the sun never sets. At the part cool breezes and summer thrills await you. It can be said to be a turn-of-the-century seaside amusement park filled with Disney characters.

Evliya Celebi in Disneyland: Life in Disneyland can be described in one word, bright. For a whole year round life at Disneyland is lively, entertaining and full of adventure and darkness never falls in the park. For the "infidels" who try to cause trouble and commit heinous crimes, they usually face the wrath of the well trained security personnel who administer discipline on them.

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Matsuo Basho in Disneyland:  sophistication is the best suited word to describe the interior of Disneyland Park. The lawns are well manicured; the dining and hotel rooms are sparkling and spotless clean. Visitors to the entertainment joints and amusement parks have a endless list of what and where they wish to amuse themselves. In conclusion, the general ambiance of the Disneyland Park is hospitable.

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